Consumer And Market Research

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Consumer and Market research should be at the knux of any Business Feasibility Study, Business Plan or Sales and Marketing Plan. Not carrying out sufficient, robust Consumer and Market Research for your business is akin to building a house without foundations. It is due to a lack of Consumer and Market Research that so many (1 in 2) companies fail in the first 4 years.

Many investors will tell you that the Consumer and Market Strategy section of a Business Plan or Business Feasibility is the first section they read to establish if there is a market, and a sufficiently large market, for a product or service.

At Yvonne Scully & Associates we have extensive experience and expertise in working with companies on their Consumer and Market research as well as continuously working on Consumer and Market research projects for our clients.

Consumer and Market Research forms a large part of any Yvonne Scully & Associates Sale and Marketing training programmes.

Yvonne Scully has worked with Bord Bia and Dublin City Council on various projects which involved extensive market research on their behalf. Yvonne has also carried out extensive market and consumer research as part of Business Feasibility studies carried out for clients.

Yvonne Scully & Associates splits Consumer and Market Research into two camps: Secondary Market Research "Information that already exists somewhere, having been collected for another purpose" and Primary Market Research "information collected for the specific purpose at hand"

As well as advising companies on both secondary and primary market research, Yvonne Sully & Associates carry out specific secondary market research and primary market research directly with target consumers and trade customers on a company's behalf.

Yvonne Scully & Associates have developed a structured approach to both Secondary and Primary Market Research, and can tailor this to the purpose of the research. For example, a start-up company is encouraged to analyse actual and competing competitors, carving our competitive advantages for themselves, which lay the foundation for building their brand. Clients are also encouraged to create profiles of target consumers, influencers of consumer decision making and target trade customers. Yvonne Scully has carried out extensive research on the latest business model theories including learnings from "The Lean Start-up" by Eric Ries, "Business Model Generation" by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur and "The Four Stages of the Epiphany" by Steve Blank in order to develop a practical approach to Consumer and Market Research, whether this is for a start-up or established company.

Yvonne Scully recently completed a Business Feasibility Study on a Food Market on the grounds of the Digital Hub, Dublin 8

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