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Yvonne Scully has written a report on the Café and Restaurant sectors to the Economic Development and Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) for Dublin City Council, the main findings of which were presented to the Committee, chaired by Councillor Paul McAuliffe in City Hall on 6th September 2016. See link to a video of the presentation here.

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2017 Workshops

  • Wed 15-Feb-17    LEOs Dublin Kick Start Your Food Business Programme (KSYFB)
  • Wed 01-Mar-17    LEO Wexford KSYFB 
  • Thu 02-Mar-17    LEO Kildare KSYFB     
  • Fri 24-Mar-17     LEOs Dublin Food Academy
  • Tue 04-Apr-17    LEO North Cork PR Programme    
  • Fri 21-Apr-17      LEOs Dublin KSYFB     
  • Wed 26-Apr-17    LEO Limerick KSYFB     
  • Wed 03-May-17   LEO Meath KSYFB
  • Thu 11-May-17    LEO Laois KSYFB
  • Wed 14-Jun-17    LEOs Dublin KSYFB     
  • Fri 28-Jul-17        Food Academy LEOs Dublin     
  • Mon 11-Sep-17    LEOs Dublin KSYFB


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